My Translation
My online text translation tool provides mutual translation services between simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, French and Spanish, aiming to meet the needs of office, travel, social and other scenarios. It not only allows users to translate multi-language texts in real time, but also is equipped with a copy function of translated content, so as to seamlessly promote effective communication between users of different languages and enhance the fluency and speed of communication.

Operational skills: If you accidentally delete the text by mistake, you can try the shortcut key Ctrl+Z to undo the operation just now.

Operation steps: First, set the language parameters of the text translation in the recognition language and output language areas respectively, and then fill the text content that needs to be recognized into the recognition box by entering or copying. After waiting for a moment, the online translator will translate the text information in the recognition box and present the translated text information to the output box. Medium. After the text translation is completed, you can also use the "copy" function to extract the text content.

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